More Life; Moor Spa!

"The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and to begin to believe in it's own mechanisms." - Andrew Weil

Upon discovery at it's lab in Vancouver, our esthetician Rachel has newly introduced Moor Spa skin care here at Blossom. You’ll catch new soaps, lotions and potions around the salon, and a whole new line of skin care for your next facial!

Why is Moor Spa different?
Moor Spa is based on the use of Austrian Deep Moor. This moor has been used to heal for centuries.
Moor Spa products are 100% natural source. This means every ingredient comes from the earth. Ingredients are organic, never containing toxic chemicals or artificial substances. Moor Spa is registered with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Skin Deep product safety website. Moor Spa products range from a top rating of 1 to 3. This is notably higher than many ‘natural’ product lines.

What is Moor?
Moor is formed by gradual decomposition of plant matter in a waterlogged environment. This environment is free of oxygen and therefore free of decay. The matter transforms over thousands of years into a homogeneous magma. This ripens the organic and inorganic components of the substance and encourage potency of active ingredients.

Where does Moor come from?
The most pure and potent source of Moor is Tiefenmoor from Vorarlberg in Austria. The moor is excavated from 60 feet below the surface. Kelzyme is extracted from a 35 million year old deposit in Nevada. Himalayan Salts are manually (never using explosives to maintain energy vibration) from Pakistan. All products are manufactured using moor water as a base, then are blended in Vancouver. Moor Spa is a cruelty free, toxin free, Canadian brand! 

How does Moor work?
Moor is detoxifying from bodily wastes and toxins. The moor acts as a magnet and draws out all toxins from the body. It has been used medically to treat arthritis, hormone imbalances, and injury.
Moor is highly bio available, which means it is easily absorbed into the body internally and through the skin.
Moor is anti-inflammatory, providing relief from pain or inflamed acne.
Moor stimulates circulation to promote healing and warmth in the body.
Moor has a subtle life energy, which helps rebalance the system for healing by a transfer of negative ions.

What are the cosmetic benefits?
The moor contains active ingredients that detoxify, purify, tone and revitalize the skin! Moor holistically balances the system.
Naturally occurring essential oils, fatty acids, and lipoids penetrate more easily and without side effects as opposed to artificial substances. This establishes a healthy skin pH and increases blood flow.
Moor is naturally hypoallergenic and harmonizes all skin types.
While most external products cannot fight hormonal and toxin imbalances, Moor detoxifies the whole system and has been used to treat cellulite, stretch marks, scars, psoriasis, eczema and acne. 
All these benefits are just one of the great ingredients in Moor Spa products. 

How are the products preserved?
Grapefruit Seed Extract; potent with anti-oxidant activity.
Perilla Ocymoides Leaf Extract removes active oxygen.
Acorus Gramineus Root/Stem Extract is anti-microbial.
Natamycin is a natural fungicide.

What are some other key ingredients?
Algamoor is composed entirely of algae. It contains rich minerals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, silicon and sulphur. It detoxifies, re-mineralizes, works against inflammation, and deeply hydrates.
Kelzyme is a fossilized, calcified kelp deposit. It opens pores, lightens the skin, exfoliates, tightens, prevents wrinkles, restores tone and vitality.

What is excluded in the products?
SLS and SLES – a detergent that corrodes hair follicles, builds up in organs, denatures proteins, damages the immune system and is considered a carcinogen.
Mineral Oil – suffocates and dries out skin, inhibits oils you produce naturally, clogs pores.
Propylene/Butylene Glycol – a surfactant that breaks down protein and cellular structure that interferes with the body’s natural healing.
Parabens - highly toxic carcinogens causing hormone imbalances.
PEG - carcinogens that strip the skin’s natural moisture4.
Synthetic Colours and Fragrance that can contain up to 4000 different ingredients, commonly causing allergic reaction.
Also excluded: MEA,DEA,TEA, Benzyl Alcohol, EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Polysorbate, Alcohol, Lanolin, Phenoxyethanol, Cocmide, Silicone, Polymers, Triclosan, Quaternium 15

What products are available for purchase?
We currently carry a small selection of home care products. We recommend coming in for a facial for a professional opinion on home care and product selection.
We have on hand Hydrating cream, facial mask, hand cream, cleansing foam and 4-in-1 bars. This supply will continue to grow, and products can be ordered upon request.
*Blossom Salon is the only Alberta location carrying Moor Spa products.*

What products are available in my facial?
Our Fall facial includes a lovely pumpkin peel to exfoliate, brighten and tighten your skin!
The pumpkin peel contains pumpkin pulp, carrot extract, papain and bromelain enzymes for antioxidant skin renewal, healing and deep exfoliation.
This facial includes a radiance serum to reduce summer sun damage such as hyper pigmentation, sun spots, and acne scars. The radiance serum contains niacinamde, emblica extract, grape extract, asafetida extract and, licorice root extract, to lighten and brighten skin. Please see for more information on products! 

Why get a Moor Spa Facial?
Our 45 minute facial includes a double cleanse, peel, extractions, kelyzme mask, serum and proper moisture protection. The facial includes an arm, shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage. Your skin will be detoxified and radiant!


A Whimsical Wedding Photoshoot

Following our Avant Garde shoot of summer '16 we decided to follow up with something a little more whimsical. After seeing a trend of pastels and vibrant colours this year, we wanted to create a light look while maintaining vibrancy. 
We explored pastel colours, dressed our models in white wedding gowns, and let the hair speak for itself. 
A day spent in the countryside truly captured an enchanting forest feel.

Thank you to our models Emily, Lindsay, Kathy and Brittany!
Thank you to our makeup artist Brooklynn Wallace of Fierce Fat Fabulous! 
Thank you to Garrett and Shayla for the photos and editing! 

Check out some of our photos below, and stop by the salon for this creative pastel trend! 


Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray

New to Living Proof's Restore Collection:
 Perfecting Spray
Go beyond moisture to detangle hair, provide strength, smoothness and shine.

What it is: 
A light weight detangling spray that adds hydration to dry, damaged hair, helping it feel it’s healthiest. This spray provides strength, smoothness, natural shine, time-released conditioning, UV and heat protection, while detangling!
It’s ideal for all hair types, safe for colour and treated hair, and is silicone free.

Who it’s for: 
While Perfecting Spray works on all hair types, it is particularly important for those that suffer from dry ends, tangles, and processing damage. Rather than breaking hair will brushing, this spray takes out all knots and tangles while promoting strength and hair health.

How to use: 
Shake well. Use as your first product. On clean, damp hair, spray from roots to ends focusing on tangled areas. Comb through. Style as usual.

Tip: Can also be used on day two onward to detangle and smooth.

How it works:
“Perfecting Spray uses a blend of a cationic detangler and a slip-enhancing polymer that work together to provide easier detangling, therefore reducing the damage caused by wet detangling. The formula also includes plant- and marine-derived actives that give UV and thermal protection. A time-released technology provides conditioning over time. The formula is designed to be lightweight and suitable for all hair types.” –Living Proof

Available in 8oz ($38.00). Buy now and receive a Living Proof comb, and samples of Restore Shampoo and Conditioner! (while supplies lasts)

See: for more styling tips! 

Scalp Treatments at Blossom

Blossom Salon is now offering advanced scalp treatments with our esthetician Rachel!

Just like the face, the skin on the scalp requires extra attention. Regular shampooing can throw off the pH of the scalp’s acid mantle, which leads to flakiness, dryness, excessive oil production, or irritation. With regular exfoliation, the hair follicles remain clear, preventing impaction and promoting healthy hair growth. Deep conditioning is recommended to prevent split ends, dry hair or scalp, and to nourish the hair. By customizing your treatment oil you can target concerns such as oiliness, dryness, flakiness, breakouts, dandruff and irritation.

First Living Proof’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment is applied to dry hair. This treatment is packed with natural amino acids, proteins and ceramide-like lipids which strengthen and fortify hair while protecting and enhancing colour. The scalp is then exfoliated with thorough isnis brushing. This releases the dead, built up skin cells and clears dirt and debris from the scalp. Afterwards the hair and scalp are double shampooed with Aveda’s Scalp Benefits to balance and gently cleanse. An Aveda treatment oil is then applied to balance oil, prevent dryness, or soothe irritation. Once a deep conditioning mask is applied the scalp is massaged to promote circulation, release tension and promote absorption of ingredients. After a thorough rinse, hair will be blow dried and styled. The result is a more balanced foundation, and healthier hair growth.

$55 includes blow dry and style - 60 minute service

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

New to Living Proof's Full Collection - Dry Volume Blast!
Almost as light as air, dry volume blast creates volume and texture, for big, tease-free results.

What it is:
Full Dry Volume Blast is a dry volume and texture spray that replaces teasing, providing lasting, damage free results that won`t weigh your hair down. The fragrance is a light, sweet fruity blend that will have your hair smelling amazing! This product contains a UV defense that absorbs harmful, damaging, rays from the sun. It is non-damaging and safe for color or chemically treated hair. Works on dry hair without crunchiness of stiffness. 

Who it’s for:
Full Dry Volume Blast was formulated for fine, flat hair but will work for anyone who desires more volume and texture. Women with fine, flat hair naturally lack the grip and texture required to create and keep volume and texture. With dry volume blast you create grip and texture in between each hair strand leaving a beautiful, voluminous, style.

How to use:
Use as your final step anytime, anywhere for instant results. Shake to activate formula. The ETAS are so lightweight that they float in the can, so it’s important to shake before each spray. Hold canister 10" away from dry hair. Section hair, lift & spray roots to ends. Repeat until desired style is achieved making sure to shake can between each spray. Tousle hair with your fingers. The more you add the more volume and texture you will get. For even more volume you can use Full Root Lift, Full Thickening Mousse or Full Thickening Cream.

How it works:
It contains Living Proof`s, patent-pending Expandable, Textured Aero-Spheres (ETAS). They are lighter and bigger than industry standard ingredients, so it delivers big volume and texture on your hair without weighing it down. ETAS creates instant, lasting grip and texture between each hair strand, transforming fine, flat hair into voluminous styles.

Available in 7.5oz ($29.00) and 3.0oz ($15.00)

See: for more styling tips! 

Summer Photoshoot

This is the third fun photoshoot we've done and we think it's our best! Photoshoots give us the opportunity to be more extreme with our creativity, and try new things that we don't necessarily get do everyday behind the chair. Our theme this time was Avant Garde, so we played around with adding extensions (clip ins and crocheted in), vivid hair colour, and adding props to create different shapes. We also used two new make-up artists who did a wonderful job and really helped bring our vision to life! 

 Photoshoots also give some of our beautiful stylists a chance to practice their modeling skills, and are we ever lucky to have them! Our stylists Lindsay and Emily are seasoned pros at Blossom photoshoots, but our assistant Amy joined us as a model for the first time, and she fit right in. We also had Lindsay's sister Melissa, back for the second time, and Aisha's husband Leo, and Comfort's client Yimika as first timers. We headed out to Fish Creek Park and found a great spot by the river under the bridge, and it was a beautiful day. The park was busy so we definitely got a lot of second glances. 

A big thanks to all our stylists, models, the make-up artists (instagram @makeupbytirza @branchbully), our photographer Garett (who happens to be a co-owner of the salon), and the weather for cooperating! 

Here's a few early favourites

New Website!

We are so excited to finally update our website and create something that is hopefully visible when googled and easier to update! 

Blossom Salon is definitely seeing summer influencing hairstyles right now (regardless of the snowy May Long in Calgary)! We're doing a lot of big changes; chopping off length, correcting colour, always more ombre's, and lightening our guests "winter" colour. We're also seeing people dust off winter by taking care of all their waxing and threading needs!

 Grad season is almost over and wedding season is upon us. Lots of loose curls, braids, and unstructured up-do's this year. We are also planning another fun photoshoot for mid June to keep our creative juices flowing!

Aisha's gorgeous graduate Brooklyn!

Aisha's gorgeous graduate Brooklyn!