Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

New to Living Proof's Full Collection - Dry Volume Blast!
Almost as light as air, dry volume blast creates volume and texture, for big, tease-free results.

What it is:
Full Dry Volume Blast is a dry volume and texture spray that replaces teasing, providing lasting, damage free results that won`t weigh your hair down. The fragrance is a light, sweet fruity blend that will have your hair smelling amazing! This product contains a UV defense that absorbs harmful, damaging, rays from the sun. It is non-damaging and safe for color or chemically treated hair. Works on dry hair without crunchiness of stiffness. 

Who it’s for:
Full Dry Volume Blast was formulated for fine, flat hair but will work for anyone who desires more volume and texture. Women with fine, flat hair naturally lack the grip and texture required to create and keep volume and texture. With dry volume blast you create grip and texture in between each hair strand leaving a beautiful, voluminous, style.

How to use:
Use as your final step anytime, anywhere for instant results. Shake to activate formula. The ETAS are so lightweight that they float in the can, so it’s important to shake before each spray. Hold canister 10" away from dry hair. Section hair, lift & spray roots to ends. Repeat until desired style is achieved making sure to shake can between each spray. Tousle hair with your fingers. The more you add the more volume and texture you will get. For even more volume you can use Full Root Lift, Full Thickening Mousse or Full Thickening Cream.

How it works:
It contains Living Proof`s, patent-pending Expandable, Textured Aero-Spheres (ETAS). They are lighter and bigger than industry standard ingredients, so it delivers big volume and texture on your hair without weighing it down. ETAS creates instant, lasting grip and texture between each hair strand, transforming fine, flat hair into voluminous styles.

Available in 7.5oz ($29.00) and 3.0oz ($15.00)

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