Scalp Treatments at Blossom

Blossom Salon is now offering advanced scalp treatments with our esthetician Rachel!

Just like the face, the skin on the scalp requires extra attention. Regular shampooing can throw off the pH of the scalp’s acid mantle, which leads to flakiness, dryness, excessive oil production, or irritation. With regular exfoliation, the hair follicles remain clear, preventing impaction and promoting healthy hair growth. Deep conditioning is recommended to prevent split ends, dry hair or scalp, and to nourish the hair. By customizing your treatment oil you can target concerns such as oiliness, dryness, flakiness, breakouts, dandruff and irritation.

First Living Proof’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment is applied to dry hair. This treatment is packed with natural amino acids, proteins and ceramide-like lipids which strengthen and fortify hair while protecting and enhancing colour. The scalp is then exfoliated with thorough isnis brushing. This releases the dead, built up skin cells and clears dirt and debris from the scalp. Afterwards the hair and scalp are double shampooed with Aveda’s Scalp Benefits to balance and gently cleanse. An Aveda treatment oil is then applied to balance oil, prevent dryness, or soothe irritation. Once a deep conditioning mask is applied the scalp is massaged to promote circulation, release tension and promote absorption of ingredients. After a thorough rinse, hair will be blow dried and styled. The result is a more balanced foundation, and healthier hair growth.

$55 includes blow dry and style - 60 minute service